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The Isness

The Isness ,  What is it?  Well they refer to it in Star Wars as ” an energy field created by all living things, it surrounds us it penetrates us, it binds the galaxy together”.   Is it about going to Church and worshiping god? I can honestly say, in my opinion,  no it isn’t.  We as energies/spirits are all godlike, and worship really does nothing but give us piece of mind, so in a way it isn’t a bad thing, but definitely not necessary.  I would not frown upon it either, as it has kept many people happy.   What we are talking about here is the Isness which is a collective consciousness consisting of you, me, and everybody & being in existence.  I would lean much more towards my Star Wars quote from good ol’ Ben Kenobi at the beginning of this paragraph,  and I would exchange Galaxy for Universe.   Once out of your body, you are pure energy, a consciousness and you only have a body when you so choose.  So really an “energy field created by (and consisting of) all living things” is correct.


the worship of the Isness (God) is silent and solitary; free from all self seeking.The silence is a necessity as all speech is feeble and imperfect. Therefore, as with your ancestors and ours, their spirits and consciousness, would ascend out of time and space to the Isness (God) in wordless adoration/feelings. There are no priests or saviors authorized to come between a man (soul) and our Maker. Each experience is personal, different than another and should not in any way be meddled with or judged. Each soul should become conscious of the divinity that is itself.

There should be no shrines, no temples among you except nature, and mankind caretaking of nature. Be a real, natural, human being. Your real faith may not be formulated in creeds, as you have been taught, but comes from a deeper portion of yourself, that you have only forgotten, or ignore. Temples were built to be gods. The Isness can be worshipped by honoring yourself, you honor the Isness because you truly are one and the same. Look at your Earth, your Ocean, your Night Sky, and the Galaxy. This is your church, and you are the alter in that church, so release yourself from your past limited thinking, It only takes a decision. What anyone else thinks doesn’t matter.”

On a musical note,  there is an album called “The Isness” by Future Sound Of London, which is a good relaxing album.

“It is important to remember that the Isness does not place value upon the material fabric of time. This has only been created so that we as should, could learn more about ourselves and return with our experiences to contribute to the creation of ourselves. The rituals of offerings and sacrifice and other symbolic objects, only mean something to you. The ISNESS is only interested in your intent, the path of your heart. Look to find your highest happiness and the motive for power to? your existence.

Do not look ill upon those of simplicity or poverty, the goal of ones paths regardless of lifetimes or lifeforms is not the accumulation of wealth, and the enjoyment of luxury. It is to discover your true self. That which is apart from the ISNESS, that part of your which chooses to leave the comfort and safety of eternity, to fall into the concept of Time.

To become a true human being is the practice and constant embracing of your essential self. And, from that place of eternity, your thoughts, actions, and emotions should emanate into the world. Human beings should be vulnerable, open, focused, strong, and flexible. In your world, the three concerns all of your must address personally are Self-Worth, Trust, and Expectation.”

Excerpt From “Letters From Andromeda

Love & Light,


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