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We can and do create our reality


“How many times have you woken up and just known you were going to have a miserable day, and did? Or gone somewhere, knowing you’d have a terrible time and low and behold, you did? Whether or nor you’re aware of it, you decided beforehand what type of experience you would have and, guess what, you got what you asked for!

Well, I’ve got news for you. You personally had a hand in creating those experiences, and yes my friends, we can and do create our reality. If, in the morning we wake up to cloudy skies and crowded freeways, but still decide that we are going to have a great day, the likelihood of manifesting one is strong. Be aware that we are making choices constantly. Not to decide is a choice and we must take ownership of our decisions and be responsible for them.

If you don’t like the direction your is life moving toward then you might want to look inward at the choices you are making and possibly change your outlook, thereby changing your choices. Who we are now, and what we really want out of life today, is always the result of our lives’ programming - the influences - that have come from our past.

Self-Talk is a method we can use to consciously create strong new self-directed programs in our own subconscious minds. Earlier negative mental programs can be overridden and replaced with new programs that create better attitudes, better actions and better results. It works the same way the brain was programmed in the first place - but now we are in charge of the “input”. Who we think we are and what we think we want are always the result of the programming we received from the world around us or from ourselves.

Choose to make better choices. Change is good - sometimes scary, very scary - but without change we cannot learn our lessons, nor assist others in learning theirs. If you are truly interested in having more control of the direction your life is going by making better choices I highly recommend reading the book Choices by Shad Helmstetter. It’s an awe-inspiring book and on my personal “Top 10 ” list!

Realize that those you interact with will mirror your behavior without being aware of it. If you’ve decided you’re going to have a dismal day know that there are many people out there who are more than willing to oblige you to help you create your reality (no matter how hellish you desire it). Talk gruffly, demanding or rudely to others and more often than not you’ll get it back ten fold. What you throw out you will get back in return, so if you can’t take it don’t dish it out!

I notice that people (myself included, with emphasis) do not listen enough to each other. When someone begins talking to another and feels they have something vitally important to share and all that happens is they are ignored, or worse, another subject is brought up, it can be a very painful experience. It can make one feel small and insignificant, and if it occurs on a regular basis, lead to feelings of low self-esteem.

Oftentimes people just want to know they have been heard and that another understands how they feel; that someone gives a damn. I say we all need to make the choice and really listen to one another.”

Excerpt from Letters From Andromeda

There’s a saying in England from a TV show there.  One guy has to drive a car, and he says ” I’m not insured to drive this car”,  the other guy says “Don’t have a crash then!!”   My point being we pay a lot of money in-case something happens, this is showing we can’t have enough certainty to know,  and I mean truly know, we aren’t going to have a crash,  aren’t going to need medical attention,  aren’t going to lose our suitcases on a holiday trip,  be burgled and lose house contents……….

All these things are things that we ‘Pull in’.  We invite things like this by our intentions, maybe we feel we need to learn something from things like these.  The thing is that the higher echelons of power on this planet know how we are able to create our future everyday, and they continually condition us to believe “bad things are gonna happen unless you prepare yourself” .  It’s kinda like that Freudian theory that we are all prehistoric animals at heart and we will be bad unless controlled, and we all have these animal tendencies which are liable to rise to the surface unless man is kept on the straight and narrow!    The whole of psychiatry is founded on this idea.    But this is flawed in as much as we are basically good entities and we have inmense power to create world futures and our own individual ones at the same time. This is immense creativity which we as souls are renowned for in this universe.

There are however a small number of us who are damaged and who see everyone as their enemy.  You know the type, they always want to know what everyone is doing, and they always carry bad energy and people surrounding them are always experiencing chaos to some degree.  These are the people who constnatly put other people down, who block people from being creative, who dismiss anything about multiple lives and the soul , as this in their mind would be unbearable as they see everyone as an enemy, and constantly fear for their life! Imagine if they were aware that we never really die, but go on as immortal souls……….. they would see no end…….. these people are spiritiually damged and will in time heal themselves but for right now,  they are harmful to themselves and others.      Steer clear of such people.

Remember that we have the power to create planets, universes, and the like.   We are godlike,   worship the god inside of you.   We all have lessons to learn and we all will heal in our own time.  Those who are able, find as many tools as you can to aid your awakening, and you will raise the vibrational frequency around you, having a domino effect for those around you to move up too. Those who are not ready will find their own space , and leave you to move up to the higher love frequencies.

Love and Light


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