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Telepathy and Awareness

Hello and greetings to all of you .

I have decided to talk about telepathy and awareness from my point of view.  I have telepathy, as do all of you and what I have come to realise is that a number of people are very set in this thing we call a body.  

Here is the single most important thing to be aware of :

You are not a body.

You have a body, but you are not one.  

You are a unique energy/soul, or whichever name you are comfortable with. Basically you are you, you have always been you, you are billions of years old, you do not age, you retain all life memories and experiences and you never die. You will go on after this lifetime and the next and the next. So consider everything you approach from the perspective of YOU, not your body.


Let us consider the analogy of a man and his car.  The car is the body, and the man is the soul of that body. The car can not drive itself, nor fix itself, nor do anything without the driver, it’s owner.

When other people are out driving their cars, they see other cars and 80% of the time that’s all they see, they never see the drivers, like you would physically meet somebody in person.   So they judge you by your car and how you drive that car, and what condition the car is in etc, etc. This is how we see each other at the moment. We never see the soul who is driving the body because 80% of us think we ARE the car.  


When you meditate you are in essence going through a process which you feel is necessary to reach a higher state of consciousness, however I would say in addition, be aware that you can enter higher states of consciousness by painting, loving somebody, listening to music, and doing generally anything that you love and enjoy. A higher state of consciousness is really just a higher vibrational frequency. At that higher state/vibration you are not affected by those souls who are sadly damaged and wish everyone around them harm, as they vibrate at a lower frequency.

 So 2 basic truths are:  

Positive energy is of higher frequencies.  

 Negative energy is of lower frequencies.

When you are happy you are vibrating at a higher frequency, and you raise the frequency of your body too, and that is why you feel no one can get you down.   This is in essence true.  Dark / damaged souls operate on low vibrational frequencies, and therefore as you raise your frequency and your bodies’ ,then they cant affect you as they need you vibrating close to their frequency in order to affect you. So you may notice this in day to day life.  When someone is really happy there is always someone around trying to bring them down, openly , or in a subtle way, by talking of subjects with a low frequency or trying to get them angry, or throw doubt on the reason for their happiness. I am sure you have experienced this, as have I.


Ways to help keep your frequency high

There are many things that lower one’s vibrational frequency, things which put people in fear, anger, hate, mourning, suffering a loss of some kind etc.  Those are emotional ways that we have our vibrational frequency lowered.  There are also technological ways to do this too, and they have been carefully ushered into society by those who have money & power but unfortunately are damaged souls.  

Have you ever seen any films like those war films where the enemy is “jamming” their radio signals? This is in effect what a lot of modern technology is doing to us on a daily basis.  

These forms of technology are basically radios which jam our “Native frequency / telepathy”.  

Cell/Mobile phones emit microwaves and so when you hold one up to your ear you are literally, all be it gently, microwaving your head. This is not good for your body at all. It disturbs your electromagnetic field (the electricity/energy field of your body) . The picture to the right shows how a guys head has heated up after using a cellphone for 15 minutes. Now I know some of you will say “well thats because he was holding something by his head so of course its going to get hot” , but the keyword here is microwave, that’s what microwaves do they heat things up. So its not only getting hot, its slowly cooking and destroying the cells in the exposed are and inside. Studies show a 40% more chance of cancer.  A quick solution is to get a handsfree adapter for your phone (not a bluetooth one!) and then at least you don’t have to hold the phone close to your head.

Bluetooth is less damaging, but really we don’t want less damaging, we want no damage at all!!   Surely you don’t get in your car thinking “I’m gonna have a crash but it should be ok, as it will be  a mild crash”, every time you use it!!?  Sooner or later that car is going to need attention because of the hardship it’s being put through. So I would say keep bluetooth turned off unless you need to use it. Bluetooth headset are emitting a non desirable frequency radio waves right into our ears and anything that close to such a sensitive part of our bodies is not a good idea. Again  a wired handsfree kit is better than bluetooth. I use one on my iphone and it’s great.

Wifi is a major contributor to disturbing our energy field, and remember communication is also energy so  anything that interferes with that will hamper our telepathy and wellbeing. 

“These frequencies have been proven not only to disturb our human organism, but also to promote illness, since they constantly overlap our natural (vibrational) frequency. As a result of this constant exposure to various frequencies, our own electromagnetic energy field becomes imprinted by the frequencies forced upon it, which upsets the natural development of our cells. “

Guidelines that were ignored

The first Stewart Report, published in May 2000, produced a series of sensible recommendations. They included: discouraging children from using mobiles, and stopping the industry from promoting them to the young; publicising the radiation levels of different handsets so that customers could choose the lowest; making the erection of phone masts subject to democratic control through the planning system; and stopping the building of masts where the radiation “beam of greatest intensity” fell on schools, unless the school and parents agreed.

The Government accepted most of these recommendations, but then, as ‘The Independent on Sunday’ has repeatedly pointed out, failed to implement them. Probably, it has lost any chance to curb the use of mobiles by children and teenagers. Since the first report, mobile use by the young has doubled.”

⇧ click on this quote to read the whole article, from a reputable British newspaper.

To reduce wifi effect on my body & perceptions, I have a Himalayan Crystal Salt lamp by my laptop, and there are certain crystals such as Fluorite , some Quartz & other crystals, which also help reduce unwanted effects.  I use a LAN (Local Area Network)/Ethernet cable to connect my laptop to the internet instead of wireless.  Those of you who have a wireless router will see that most routers have wired outputs too. Most Netgear/leading brand modems have 4 or more wired outputs, and come with a cable.   This will help with download speeds and conserve battery life with your laptops.


Computers & TV’s

Ok so, this post was made on a computer and you who are reading this are reading it using a computer. Computers are a mass of electronic waves or electromagnetic smog, from the wireless device (in laptops) and the screen which is basically a high frequency strobe light, which are know for putting people into suggestive states, and sometimes to cause a severe physical reaction.  

Normally most computer screens have what’s called a refresh rate of 60Hz.

Hz = Hertz > The number of cycles per second, and is the standard measurement used for Frequency.

The screen is constantly displaying pictures of whatever you are doing on it , 60 times every second. This is similar to a cinema projector, which runs at 24 frames per second, so for every second there are 24 pictures projected on the cinema screen.  Thus your computer screen is showing 60 pictures per second.   For more comfortable viewing you can raise that frequency to 72, 75 or 85Hz, and various other denominations etc.  (This may shorten the life of your screen, but I have never had a monitor fail on me and I run my screens at their maximum refresh rate all the time).

Raising the frequency of your computer screen above 60Hz is much better for your eyes and concentration. My laptop has a maximum of 60Hz so I have no option to increase to a better refresh rate. To remedy this I make sure I break every hour, and the best thing to do is go outside and be with nature, not go and watch some tv!  A television is identical to a computer monitor only bigger, so that would not rest your eyes.  By the way 120Hz or 100 Hz tv’s are always a better alternative to the standard 60Hz or 50Hz (uk) versions.


Video Games Consoles

These of course have the same problem as you use tv or computer screens to view them.  There has also been suggestive research that they put people in trance-like states which makes the very open to  negative influence, and in my experience they carry a very unique frequency which I find easy to spot if I meet someone that plays those type of games. They have lack of concentration and are easily influenced by those with bad intentions.  Plus if they are in suggestible states and they are playing killing games, then that speaks for itself. 



So what has all of this got to do with Telepathy?  These are abilities which everyone has, we are all telepathic. You can think of it like you sense of sound. If someone listens to really loud music every day, 24 hours a day, then they become de-sensitised to sound in general.  They will eventually go deaf, and we are constantly being bombarded telepathic blocking technologies all the time. Plus people are conditioned to think of telepathy as a mystical, probably non existent fantasy, relegated to films and books. So many people aren’t even considering it as a possibility.   I can tell you that telepathy is as realistic as having hands, or feet, or a nose.  It’s not mystical , its right there, just decide to start using it.  


My telepathy is probably not the most advanced in the world, but I can actually communicate with most people’s higher self, (the real them), very easily and I find animals to be the clearest (generally) to speak to, purely because they are not subject to the same programming as humans.   Once you start thinking about using your telepathy, and wanting to clean up the interfering energy sources in your day to day environment, then you are halfway there.   Himalayan Crystal Salt lamps do a good jobs of cleaning up your air and removing electromagnetic smog from your house, office, etc.  Click on the link to get more information on them.  Also you can play relaxing music while on the internet and in general. Solfeggio Tones are very helpful to counter-act any negative frequencies, see my post on them.

Improving your Diet can have a major positive effect on your telepathy and general wellbeing, but that is for another post.  :0)

So I am pleased to pass this information on to you, to help increase your awareness and help you develop your own telepathy, I shall no doubt be hearing from you soon.



Love & Light,


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