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1. Why are we here?

You are a unique person.

You are reading this,  so why are you here?  We could go back in to history and find out where man came from, why he is on this planet,  and so forth.   All that information would be really interesting.  What use could it be to us as a race, as a species?   We already know we have bodies, we know we are not bodies.  We know a body is just something we have, not something we are.  So to look at the history of man or the species of humans is exciting, and very desirable, but it doesn’t answer the question, of why are we here.   


So lets look at that for a moment.

Why are we here.  There are 3 main points to that question;

1. “We” ,  first we have to know what are “we”,  we are not bodies so what are we?

2. “Are” ,  how do we know we exist? what state, what existence tells us we “are”

3. “Here” ,  what is here?  is here this point in space? is it this point on the planet? Or is it your point on the planet or your point in space?  Yes you,  the one reading this.


One could say that you wanted to know the answer to this question, so you found this website and started reading. And you wanted to know before you came here, so I started writing this post.  Both are very possibly true.   One could also say that you know what I’m going to write next, as you had a hand in writing this.


We are all unique energies,  no two are the same.   Have you ever been in a room full of people with no lights on but you know who is close to you or who is moving around?  we can sense everyone’s frequency like a radio station has a specific frequency.   Want to hear a different person? tune into a different frequency.  Ever hear the expression “we’re on the same wavelength” ?  It means you have tuned to that person so perfectly you understand everything they are communicating to you,  even if it’s only just looks or movements or feelings. 

So we are all unique, even twins are different,  only their bodies look the same.   Ok so “we” are all unique individual, frequencies, and no two are the same.


Are!  we are!  we can see time is passing by,  because we invented these things called clocks, sundials, calendars etc, to tell us that!  There is of course that famous quote, “I think, therefore I am”.  There is some truth to that.  A plant,  does a plant think?  I think they do,  but for a moment let us say that this plant can not think.  Does it still exist?  Well it does if we are there to witness it’s existence.   If we are not there, does it still exist?  Does someone have to be near you, so you can exist?  


So what is this existing thing we are doing?  What makes us know we are? Questions?  Maybe reasoning? We are trying to reason our surroundings ,  explain why we are different to our surroundings.  And if they surround what we are aware of (we),  then our reasoning,  is our awareness, our Are.  


Straight to the “here” part of the question.  Where is here?  What is here?  Is here where our body is? are we in our bodies?  Or are we merely near our bodies?   Let just simplify this and say we are currently very near to and occupying some of the same space as our body.   So it is safe to say that wherever our body is,  there’s a high chance of us being very close by.  Ok so we are close to were are bodies are.  

So our body is here,  then what is “here”?   what is the difference between here and there?  If there is a difference, and we can safely say we know that difference, can we still say we know the meaning of “here” and “there”?  Or is it that we only know the difference between “here” and “there”.

Right now at this point in time we are here.  and our bodies are close by.  If I didn’t need a planet to be here, could I still be here? Yes I could.   So is here this point in space?   If there were no space here could I still be here?  Yes I could.  Maybe my body couldn’t as it needs these things called air pressure & oxygen, water,  and so on to remain operational,  to function.  Well we do like them so much don’t we,  these bodies. We like to dress them up, and take them places to do things, we even use them to communicate with each other. We dont have to but we like to do so.  So we need a planet for them , ok well  we’ll have a planet too.   

But if we don’t need a body, or a planet or a space, then what is “here”?  Have you ever had someone communicate with a group of people, with you as part of that group?  One could say you were sharing his thoughts as he read them to you.  He could have been reading a story, or campaigning for something,  or just entertaining you at a theatre.  He was playing a part or reading a creation of someone else’s, but his thoughts were being shared as he understood & communicated what he was reading.  You as part of that group were here, experiencing his communication to you.  

If you were not with your body, if there were no space, your one common thing would be communication.   here is communication, your communication with the things surrounding you is here.  You are here as you read this and communicate with me as we write this together.


So why are we here?  the reason we are here, is why we are here.  To communicate.


Love & Light,


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