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How would you describe a place to someone with access to infinite worlds? If I watch a daily broadcast, is my experience the same as someone else watching that same broadcast in a different place, as a different person? I have been in Lantillus for a moment, but on my planet that could seem like 20 cycles around our sun, or as one novelist would have described that mythical place Earth in the Tessian quadrilogy, 80 years! Well what is Lantillus and why is it so different from your birthplace?


88 Plentus Passage - The place

cyclenium 34 - The time reference

Mid-Sprintum - The Season

Our life had been everything we had hoped and expected up until now, and now is all we ever knew, so things were good! Our society had gone through many changes in the last cyclenium (34), and we had passed through a barrier that had been making lovely places, previously unseen on our planet, flourish into view. Many rivers and undiscovered continents became apparent, the world was new for all of us and as we had passed cyclenium 33 , into cyclenium 34 many aspects of life had changed. Wars had become irrelevant and served no-one any purpose, and organised barter had become almost non-existent.

People created things they wanted and shared them with others. The population had adjusted their ways of living so as not to depend on anyone for anything, but also knew if they needed something they did not have, then someone would have that very thing and would love to share it. While this was an ideal and loving place to be, old ways had taken on new, brighter, forms and reasons.

Police did not exist, but a pseudo-detective society had emerged to solve literary mysteries and creations that had become real life novels, manifested. Set in the pre-industrial age of our planet, (did i mention it? - Synaria), we were a barter-rich family and had many trading items. We could afford to have anything and never worried for a home and leisure pursuits. We were not barter-fixated, so we were in the higher parts of Synaria society, and at the same time respected and willing to make effort for fun and intrigue, and not merely barter alone.

Now that was our premise - we were in th 34th cyclenium and barter carried no meaning but a certain retro-society, in effect a real life theatre was our fun and we were mystery solvers to others stories which had manifested into reality, in order for someone to solve. I myself had a secondary, and we were a duo named Weskal & Hasin. I, Weskal had a wit and intelligence highly admired and Hasin was my creative landscaper helping my ideas to have a home in his supporting creations! We were the prominant choice for that style of Solving!


One dain, in the first half of the star-rise, a fellow came to us preaching that he had found a novel on the new continent of Fisaan,  that he deemed unsolvable! As I stated to him, “for Weskal & Hasin, a novel of such vibrant creation and imagination was indeed a challenge of fun-packed proportions, that we were ready to solve!”. The Continent of Fisaan has only been discovered 2 cycles previous to this moment and there were many new creations and canvases there in which to set such novels. We were excited and gathered our props of monicles and parchments with feathered writing tools, and trademark clothing, and were ready to journey to this new continent.

Our method of transport around our world may differ to yours so an introduction is in order, I believe. The Pre-Industrial era of Synaria had vehicles which needed no direct contact with any path. The circular method of moving a vehicle on,  what were romantically called “wheels” in the Tessian Quadrilogy had long since passed. In essence our vehicles used the inert gas of our atmosphere to propel our “Tessian” cars as they hovered above the ground. So quaintly put; Hovercars. These cars looked like wheeled vehicles we previously had but only differed in that they did not have wheels and did not touch the ground. They did not alter the fuel they used and since the atmosphere was their fuel, they never had to be re-fueled. Hasin & I had what would be considered a sports-cruiser , (I do have a Tessian-esque way of describing things, you must forgive me!) , more commonly named as a Vittesse-Tourer.

These vehicles were capable of travelling on purpose made paths, water-flow-ers , and even light seas with a water smoothing deflector enabling most sea condition journeys. I must admit to having named our vehicle “Hampy” and I was proud of it! “Weskan & Hasin never solved a novel without Hampy!


The lovely sharer of this story, his name was Samint, proposed to travel with us to Fisaan to see how we solved this creation of Intrigue. We agreed, and we disembarked before the star-set. We still preferred to play our music in a retro styled tape-cassette machine fashioned from our impression of the Tessian descriptions made real by our manifest. A suitable bookshelf had been made, to compliment Hampy’s interior, to store our cassettes and we would sing many a tune on a journey. Prior to our leaving on a novel quest we would record our singing and make up the harmonies as we listened back. A quintet ensued on our way to Fisaan with our fifth voice Samint! What a joy!

At the end of Cyc33, sea travel was changing. Our seas, like many on the planets in our system, changed colour from a light amber through to a quaint turquoise depending on how close we were to our star. Our star was reddish-pink in colour and had been so as far back as current history recorded. Not Tessian, I know, but far more colorful and just as striking as the richest areas of nature on any planet. What is a rotational system if not just part of a bigger ‘star garden’.

All systems are similar and relative, and once considered to be at the limits of size and comprehension, then the next biggest form of life is just at the beginning of seeing it’s most basic of building blocks of it’s surroundings, and so on the concentric circles of existence continue, holding many different liforms and understandings of being.

So those colour changes of our sea were constant and timely. However once we passed into Cyc34 they had stopped changing their hue. Instead they were pink in colour and only varied in intensity as we moved through our seasons. We still had waves and the physical aspects of the water did not change, but strangely once you touched the water a sense of knowing how to safely navigate along your chosen route became apparent. Subtle yet significant everyday differences had occurred as if we always knew this was to be.

We had mapped our route and our cargo bay was only half full even with Samint’s quest-chests on board! Hampy was create & manifested by Hasin & I a mere 2 cycles before this moment and what a beauty he was! Golden in colour and almost translucent upto a light blue underbody which shimmered when operational. The shape of a seed with equal tapers at each end like the contours of a Tessian eye made Hampy a pleasure to see. Will-motors were integrated into a pre 32cyc style exhaust for that retro-flair that completed our style.

The next part of this story will be added to this post soon! 

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