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A Leaf Flutters in the wind. Part 2



Text of such magnitude is seldom heard, even in whispers among those who would completely comprehend its meaning!   Of course copies did pop up from time to time, by those who held the only value of gold to be it’s power to gain them physical things and the like.  But this tablet did indeed hold the attention of those who had discovered it, with an almost super awareness of the original intent.   

Ocassions such as this are usually swarming with all the expected types of people one would imagine. Timsa was present, and I had somehow ended up here by the luck of a tied shoelace!  So here we were; we numbered twenty or so and no body had been informed as to the nature of this find.  There were 11 workers, diggers,equipment carriers, a small entourage of helpful men to make the find possible, 2 or 3 expedition leaders, Timsa his friend, and me and a delightful aquaintance of mine from the North.  This was a fortunate place to be as we had first hand knowledge of this before it had been through the mill to make it to a publication exchange for currency in these parts.   The scholar in me was trying to decipher the meaning of the whole paragraph.   It was strange to have found an artifact of this age written in a modern day language.  It did have the wording of the time period but strange how it wasn’t scribed in the toungue of that era.  We were also looking for words to describe what this meant,  as the beauty of the piece was itself like a river running downstream. No one knew where it had come from and no one knew where it was going to, but to see it here, mid journey,  with so much to say and little time for us to appreciate the meaning.


So Timsa and I had actually found a common ground of crystals as a conversation piece, and I found him to be a very personable character indeed.  We were talking of their beautiful colours, their magnificant shapes, and how they could hold the attention of anyone who had the honour to own them.  For all of the musings I had about Timsa, and how he could have done such mediocre writtings which held the attention of so many fans, and still found there way into little known library in Europe, was becoming clearer.

“How would one describe the Quartz crystal? It is so commonplace and yet one of the most beautiful, magical natural formations to experience. ”  I was truly at my most serene, and enthusiastic mind, when talking of crystals.

“Well of course,  I am of the same opinion! Searching for crystals is a particular interest of mine, and during the summer months. I would set out with mining tools and a small party, and return from such endeavours with 20 to 30 horses, laden with colours”, Timsa exclaimed.   

“We have found a mine of strange green/pink crystals, and we are yet to return to complete our mining.  They are the strangest of crystals, changing from one colour to another as if a starter pistol had been fired!” Timsa was truly much more than his books would have led me to believe. 

We talked much that evening,  the sound of the damp wood whistling as the fire kept us warm and our water kept us quenched.  The meaning of the tablets found that day were still a mystery to us, as wax could no longer be made.  The atmosphere since the colour change would not allow such things to remain solid.  We still had silver, gold and similar materials but some of the more delicate, for want of a better word, substances just did not remain long after being created.  These tablets were unique in that respect,  so as you can understand, their existance and the fact that they remained was a find indeed!  How did they stay as they were created?  Then we came to the words,  ”Here we are,  leaves fluttering on a tree.  A brief thought led us here and our wish to experience water, air, wind and bark allowed us to remain”.    Did the leaves create the tree just so they could flutter there?   Were the bark, air, wind and water just as important as the ‘flutter’?  Did the wind represent the colour?  were the leaves, just us as people, here to experience all but the very thing which was the reason for our being?


Ashka came in from the garden and the first thing she said, was the last thing I had thought of before asking her to come in for some fresh tea.  Our morning conversations were among my favorite things of the day.  We often spent time with the trees, and the animals. We had many pets of our own who would sit with us in our gardens.  We would all exchange the expressions of admiration for each other, in the time it takes to take a sip from a cup.  This was all before the colour change had occurred.  

“Our new vegetables seem to have befriended a few Ninions” she informed me.  There was a certain amount of triumph on her voice as any vegetables who could make friends with such a timid and delicate animal as a Ninion, was indeed a social giant! 

“How is that possible?  I thought only the fruit trees held a daily audience in the garden!?  Surely the vegetables are getting above themselves!”  …….


A Leaf Flutters in the wind. (a short story) Part 1


“Two centuries before the smooth pink sky changed colour, we called it the heavens”.  What a statement to open a conference with!  How Timsa had the nerve to mention something so bold was truly worth my admiration.  I  had read many of his novels and even some of his non fiction titles, and nowhere was this boldness ever exclaimed, as for ten years he had been the ‘Mr. Light Entertainment’ of the literary world.  Some say his change of heart had something to do with finding himself while in the caves of Northern Peru.  I had my own  ideas, but they were based on my creations of how I perceived him to be.    

The first time I was aware of his books was thru my dealings with the scholars library in Europe.  There was a place where pages of books, chosen by the library on their “importance to mankind and his spirit” ,  were turned and read with sheer delight!  I could spend many months, coming every day just to read pieces of art like that with no trouble at all!  I’m surprised they didn’t have lodgings for their readers in the library itself!!  My first few days in the library were spent reading scientific ideas and inventions, the like of which had never seen the light of day. However these were true to the spirit of man, we are all creators, and thus we are at our best when we are creating.  Have you ever been a truly engaged listener of a friend or acquaintance who just invented or created a solution or piece of art?  With such enthusiasm and vibrant voice of communication those people speak with!  “I have created this and I wish to tell you all about it!”  

You can imagine my surprise when I saw some books by Timsa, and not just one,  they number eight all told! I read them and was trying to find the reason for their, in my opinion, prestigious place on the shelves of this library.  I am not the kind of man who would discredit or publicly or privately dismiss some persons writings based on their content,  but I could find no reason for their place in this library, given the triumph of enjoyment I experienced from the other books I had read during the past few weeks here.   Could it be that I was missing something here?  Perhaps these works from Timsa were linguistic symphonies and I was just looking at sheet music and seeing lines and dots!  


“Two centuries before the smooth pink sky changed colour, we called it the heavens” , indeed I did wonder how life here had changed since the colour change occurred.  All of humanity still remembers that time as if it was mere decades ago, popular musics still going through a wonderful creative cycle refused to recognise the time tha had passed since the change.  One particular song had a lovely description of the whole event:


Of white and blue the sky of your 

Skilted off the edge of thought

why we see is why we saw 

and bouquet of match we listened not

two thoughts of equal love spoke

thus one was reborn as one lifted the like

colours became all to seal  the gap 

of knowledge to know what is that.


Timsa decided to reference his body of work by this very well known colour change, a bold choice indeed.  I never expected him to exclaim the source of his creations, which are as easily accessible as a daily broadcast, were all penned in preparation for this latest work!  I am of the opinion that to produce a tale with such simple and yet an engaging read for every one is something of a craft, for to be extreme in regard to your intended audience, is not really a challenge compared to communicating an idea to all with ease and finesse.  Timsa indeed had  my complete respect.   How a  popular writer could decide to tackle a subject of such historic value was intriguing.    


Here we are,  leaves fluttering on a tree.  A brief thought led us here and our wish to experience water, air, wind and bark allowed us to remain.  Written on a old style wax tablet, this was probably a genuine artifact of the ancients. Although authentic looking copies in every wise could be done by those who saw advantage in creating history, those copies seldom held text with any substance……………