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Love & Appreciation

Love,  a word that represents something much bigger than just 4 letters.  No matter how casually it’s used, or misused,  it reminds us of the most powerful thing there is in creation!  



Love does not recognise colour, love does not recognise species, love does not recognise - 





Solar systems,





or Laurials (those creations above universes)  


Love is creation,  so if you want to create something , love is always part of that creation.

I have myself sometimes found it hard to forgive harm done to me or my loved ones, and through this growing process for me, I have begun to realise those who harm are just on their way to love and appreciation and are still yet to arrive at love.   There are no truly bad creations out there or here.  There are only those who are loving and those who are learning.    


Physicality is something you can see and touch.  This is relative of course as a bee for example can see ultraviolet light but we as humans can not.  UV light is still part of the physical existence, so different species have a different view of physicality.   Love is not a physical thing, but it can be expressed that way.  Love is what you feel, and you don’t need a body to feel it.  If you choose to have a body, then you can still feel love.


I am learning to love those who have wronged me on their way to realising love.  Some are just experimenting with this thing called physicality and haven’t quite got it figured out yet. They give out the wrong energy and react on what they get back, not considering right or wrong.  Right in the physical world is a matter of perspective.  Those that have bodies know it is wrong to harm bodies.  Those who do not have physical bodies may not perceive a body being harmed to be any harsher that cutting the grass on your lawn, or picking a flower.   Non physical beings are just learning, out of curiosity.  We ourselves have not always been in bodies.  Being a human is a slight contradiction really.  We choose to have human bodies and sometimes we forget that we are a separate thing from our bodies.  We could quite as easily be a tree or a rock if we wanted to experience that existence.  


So Love is the thing that flows through us and around us. It is there every time we admire something, someone, or some being.  Remember body-life is part of duality.  Most think life is one half of existence, the other half being death.  But this is not the case,  only a body or physical thing can die.  If you choose to have a body and it comes to the end of its life, then you leave the area of that body and get your self a new one, if you so choose.  

You yourself can never die,  you are eternal,  and as such  you can live forever and experience many different existences, bodies, plants, you can even be a planet if you want to.  One thing you can not do is ‘not be’.   A struggle to survive with a body is part of a game you are playing to find your way back to love.

Love is creation and love is your natural state, regardless of whatever you may be at this present time. 

Games are how we learn and experience our chosen existence. When we learn all we can about that existence then we choose another existence to play our next games to learn all there is about that existence.  If there are no existences left to learn from, then we create a new one. This is why 5th density becomes 6th, then 7th then 8th then 9th density.  This is why we have new planets, stars, galaxies, universes, and laurials (above universes).   Play your games well learn and find your way to return to love.  I will be there waiting for you.

I love and admire you all,




All Human life originated in Lyra.

The Lyrans posses Nordic features and due to the Lyrans role in the genesis of the human presence in the galaxy, the Lyrans can understandably be argued to have the most detailed understanding of human origins and galactic history.

They can be described as the ‘Galactic historians’ for the human species. It can be inferred that the Lyrans help in disseminating the truth about the evolution of human races in the galaxy, and have a deep understanding of galactic human culture and of the ‘human spirit’.

It is appropriate to begin the discussion of these ‘off world’ extraterrestrial races and their main activities by focusing on a star system that has been described as the source for the spread of human civilization in the Milky War galaxy, the constellation of Lyra. One of the first ‘contactees’ to describe Lyra was Billy Meier who received much public attention as a result of his alleged visits from Pleiadians/Plejarans from 1975 to 1986 which he supported with material evidence that continues to confound those skeptical of Meier’s claims.

Comprehensive investigations by a number of individuals and organizations found that Meier’s evidence was not fabricated and therefore constituted significant support for his testimony of extraterrestrial contact.

Due to the amount of physical evidence he had provided over the years, Meier has gained great credibility, and the consistency and coherence of his testimonies suggest that he is indeed an important spokesperson for an extraterrestrial race.

Meier was told by his Pleaidians [Plejadians] contacts of the star system of Lyra and its human inhabitants:

The “Swiss” Plejadians have described their ancient ancestry, and consequently ours, as originating (before the Plejades) in a far sun-system in a star group near what we now know as the Ring Nebula of Lyra, for which we have called them Lyrians in the same manner as we refer to the human beings from what we call the Pleiades.

These early Lyrians in their numerous migrations in their great Space Arks went to many other star systems and found suitable habitations, and put down colonies, such of which flourished and eventually launched their own space travelers.

Meier further reported of a physical contact with a Lyran ship in 1977 where the Lyrans described their world and the other star systems with whom they cooperated.


Alex Collier describes the start of the Lyran civilization as revealed to him by extraterrestrials from Andromeda:

Based on the age of the Suns and the planets in our galaxy, it was decided that the human life form was to be created in the Lyran system. The human race lived there for approximately 40 million years, evolving. The orientation of the human race in Lyrae was agricultural in nature. Apparently, we were very plentiful and abundant, and lived in peace. 

The Lyrans are the original white Aryan Race and what is left of the Aryans is the Pleaidians and Andromedans.

Birth of the humanoid race has all of the genetic DNA from this area. Ancient Lyrans were the Titans. The giants Bigfoot also descended from Lyrans. Lyra consists of 14 inhabited planets, three planets were destroyed. 

Lyrans grew into Sirian, Arcturian, Antarian, Pleaidian, Andromedan, Cignus Alphan, Alpha Centauri, Sagittarius A & B, Cassiopia, all human evolution. Based upon genetically human forms in higher realms and very highly evolved Universes, it was decided that many forms of life would be created here in Lyra because it appeared to be ideal as far as the age of the Suns and Planets and the length of probable stability.

The human race would have time to evolve and create space exploration and gravitate by means of energy and spiritual recognition into planetary civilizations and that those races would in turn create there own root races and life. It was also important that these races be allowed to manifest and create different aspects of ourselves mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Thus we would be creating diversity and expressing our own need to create. 

As the human race fragmented, the races moved, traveled, and settled many different planets in many systems as space travel evolved. The human became aware of other planetary civilizations in theses systems. Different cultures meet and grew. Belief systems clashed or spread. New thoughts of Philosophy or technologies came into being. Mankind was evolving. A very strong social community developed between all in the Lyra System. The Lyrans were a very peaceful race on the whole.

There were disagreements and light conflicts, but much was always cleared and resolved. The Lyrans learned to adapt to virtually all of the planetary environments that they settled. They learned to live in complete harmony with their respective planets. They developed agricultural communities that were literally awesome. They were not only efficient and could feed billions of beings, but it was actually enhancing the planet itself and creating an even wealthier environment.

All aspects of life seem to benefit from the Lyran’s commitment to be at one with their home planets. At the same time, the life expectancy was between 300 - 425 years on the average. This was to increase by 3 times later, but everyone worked as a community.

They were not in service of self, but were a race that beat as one heart, and shared and moved in the same direction as a whole and would try to make sure that none of their race would lag or fall too far behind the whole. In other words,

“The needs of the many, out weigh the needs of the few.”

They were an incredible role model for all humanity that followed to this present moment. 

The human race is history. the works of the mind are a record of that history, for the whole record of the human race is in one man. If you read these words then you are a part of Lyran heritage and a part of you carries this history within.


he Lyrans have been further described as follows:

Those from Lyra have an affinity for origins and ancient histories. So they would be useful to you to understand the past in order to transform it. As you understand your past and your origins you may be able in consciousness to go back, pattern by and pattern, peel off the layers of the onion, and find your true nature.

They would be excellent guides in this process, this psychological process for humanity, of understanding its motivations and its history and how it came to be.

In conclusion, the Lyrans’ main activities are,

disseminating the unique history of the human race in the galaxy

assisting in understanding human motivations and potentials

The global solutions the Lyrans provide include,

accurate information about human history

understanding galactic history

discovery of the human essence

diplomacy and conflict resolution

global education